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What We Do and Our Expertise

As translation and interpretation professionals, it is our job to provide services that best cater to the needs of the client, within the specified budget, and time limitations. Our linguists help make sure your key requirements if you have specified any, and your budgetary constraints, align with the way we deliver our services. In order to deliver the highest possible levels of quality and bring the onset of errors to as low as possible, we have a multi-faceted system in place, comprising several measures that not only increase translation reliability, but also increase efficiency and standardization.

Multi-Faceted Service

In a vast number of cases pertaining to translating companies, the roster of services on offer is limited. For example, a small translating agency will perhaps work with the most used languages in the region into each other, but may not provide services catering to regional languages.

Secondly, another possible issue may be that the agency lacks focus on certain specific areas.

For instance, in the business sense, general translating services of course do not correspond, with an expertise and background in insurance paperwork for example.

A wise choice as far as translating agencies are concerned will obviously take these factors into account, and hand off work and projects only to a multifaceted and accomplished company.

Salient Facilities

For those of our current or prospective clients short on time, or in need of an estimate as to the scale of the resources needed and time possibilities, we provide free quotes too you regarding your assignments, so that you can come to the best decision regarding to what extent to, and under which parameters to avail our services.

Since customer care is a top priority at our company, we have placed an online chat tool on our website, which will enable you to get in touch with us at any time of day, seven days a week.

Languages covered

Our services span over providing translation for a number of international or widely spoken languages, including Hindi and Urdu, which are both particularly relevant given the ethnic makeup of the UAE, but also Russian, Spanish, French, and German.

Potential Clientele

Our services carry a guarantee of quality and timeliness, which a range of businesses and individuals can avail.

For individuals and foreign organizations in Dubai, we provide all kinds of legal translation services, pertaining to several important legal documents.

There is also no lid on the range of subject matter we can cover, and organizations from several categories, including academia, auditing, banking and engineering would be satisfactorily served.